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Tennessee Sure is Smart

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This is the one they are happy with.
via This is the one they are happy with.

Remember when they had that head coach who seemed to have little on his resume but nice hair?  The one who was clearly over his head and scraping by on his daddy's name?  Remember, he used to make head-scratching decisions, say outrageous things and lose games? 

I bet they'll never make a mistake like that again.

For that matter, Dooley said he also wasn’t concerned that [quarterback Justin] Worley no longer will be able to redshirt.

"I’ve never worried about redshirts," Dooley said. "I don’t care. These guys, they don’t worry about staying for four years anymore, so why should we worry about redshirts? They come out in three (years). When they stop coming out in three, we’ll start redshirting them."


I do not care for Tennessee.