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Gamecocks in the NFL: Jared Cook Catches for 169 Yards

Several recent Gamecocks have established themselves as solid NFL players over the last couple of years. Captain Munnerlyn has been playing solid at Carolina for some time now, and Darian Stewart has recently established himself in St. Louis.

You can now add Jared Cook to the list. Cook, who has over 500 yards on the season for the first time in his career, has now caught for over 100 yards in two straight games, including as 169-yard outburst today. Cook's performance helped the Tennessee Titans get to eight wins on the season and to stay in playoff contention.

Needless to say, it's always good to see former Gamecocks do well for themselves. We want to see them succeed, and when they do, it's good for the program. A lot of folks complain when a player like Cook foregoes his senior season for the NFL, but when they do and they succeed, high schoolers notice and see that they can come to Carolina and potentially make a successful early jump to the NFL. That's a big draw to the best players, needless to say.