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THE DAILY FEED 3.21.11 // More News on Lorenzo Mauldin and Oversigning

Lorenzo Mauldin inks with Louisville, puts S. Carolina oversigning saga behind him | AJC College Sports Recruiting

Chip Towers continues his coverage of the Lorenzo Mauldin situation, which has been part of a general uproar about oversigning over the past couple of months. The situations appears to have resolved itself, hopefully for the best, with Mauldin choosing to take his talents to Louisville, where he'll likely be able to join the team after some time in prep school. I'm not going to add too much to my former statements about oversigning here, other than to say that I hope Steve Spurrier is more circumspect about his management of roster space in the future and that I also hope the SEC establishes more suitable guidelines to provide negative incentives for recklessly oversigning programs. After arguing with various people about this for the last several weeks, what I've come to conclude is that oversigning is a problem that can be solved easily if the SEC follows precedents set by other conferences and that that should be the end of it. I just hope that however they do this, they do it without making it more difficult for kids like Mauldin to sign with SEC schools. One of the ironies of oversigning is that it makes it more likely for SEC programs to take chances on academically marginal kids, and that's perhaps something we should protect so those kids--in particular those who work hard and make the grades--get their chance at big-time college football. What I worry is that many of those who are against oversigning are solely interested in the issue from the standpoint of competitive advantage, and those people need to remember that student-athlete welfare is the important issue here.

Lorenzo Mauldin and oversigning, ftw | Get The Picture

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