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THE DAILY FEED 7.16.11 // Marcus Lattimore Named to Doak Walker List and More News

Marcus Lattimore Named to Doak Walker Award Candidate List - SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS

I'd say he has a solid chance to win it.

Tanner Named Diamond/ABCA National Coach Of The Year - SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS

Well deserved.

SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS Athletics News - SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS University Official Athletic Site

More good news about Carolina athletics and success in the classroom.

No Clemson, You Did Not Win the 2009 ACC Championship | LOHD

Let it be said here first: If Auburn's title is stripped, do not be that guy claiming that we deserve the title.

Richard Samuel To Return to Tailback - The University of Georgia Bulldogs

To be expected after the departure of Caleb King. I wouldn't expect too much of Samuel at RB. As I've said before, it's Crowell or bust for the Dawgs. If Samuel is getting lots of carries when we visit Athens, that'll be good news for Carolina.

Ex-Jacket tells NCAA to pry ACC title ring from his ‘cold, dead finger’ - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

As much as I believe the Jackets deserve what they get on this one (there's nothing worse to the NCAA than a cover-up), you have to admit that this kid's letter is pretty compelling.

New Leach book lands Bruce Feldman on suspension, and ESPN in media crosshairs (Updated) - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

What a strange story. ESPN's redaction is classic corporate weaseling.