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THE DAILY FEED 08.22.11 // Baseball roster comes into focus, college football nears

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This guy. We get him back.
This guy. We get him back.


The Gman Report | The Rubber Chickens
Love this. Since most of us don't make it to any scrimmages, I like that Gman takes the time to actually describe what he is seeing. He doesn't regurgitate the story lines that are repeated ad naseum by the rest of the media types.

SEC Forecast: Alabama leaves them all shooting blanks | Dr. Saturday
Matt Hinton's prediction for South Carolina sounds like it could have come from 2010 or even 2009. Not particularly imaginative, and for that reason, I don't think very likely. If there's one thing I know about USC football, it's to expect the unexpected.

Steve Spurrier will shuffle South Carolina quarterbacks Stephen Garcia and Connor Shaw at random throughout the first half of the season, until Garcia slams the door shut on the starting job by leading a game-winning drive on the heels of a costly turnover by Shaw. "Yeah, Stephen was just a little bit better tonight," Spurrier will say after the game. "He's our guy from out and hopefully he'll play better than he has." (H/T: Team Speed Kills)

Aldrick Fordham makes most of his size | The Post and Courier
Andrew Miller takes a stab at filling the Haney void with this piece about the junior defensive tackle (still listed at defensive end on the depth chart) from Jamestown, SC.

"Aldrick understands the game very well and he's really intelligent," Lawing said. "He understands leverage. He understands technique and how to use it against the guy he's lined up across from. He's very sound fundamentally, but he's got to be with his size."

And his size is something of a problem.

"Most of the offensive guards and centers in the SEC are over 300 pounds, so they've got a big size advantage on me," Fordham said. "When you're going up against a guy 40 pounds heavier, your technique better be perfect."

"Yes," that screaming sound you hear is silver82blade.

Top-40 Countdown: #14 South Carolina Gamecocks | The Victory Formation
Wonder how the rest of the country views us? Well, wonder no more. This preview is fair and level-headed. A good read with which I have few nits to pick.

USC wide receivers continue to impress in practice | The Daily Gamecock
Steve Spurrier, Jr. on Bruce Ellington:

"You can tell he’s a little unrefined at the little things," Spurrier Jr. said. "I tell him he looks a little bit like [Ace Sanders] did last year, who is twice the player this year just because he knows what he’s doing. With Bruce, you can tell a little bit that he’s not at full speed right now because he’s not 100-percent sure of exactly what’s going on, but he’s a talented young man, and he’s got a great personality to play the game. He’s going to be fine. I’m impressed with him."

South Carolina's Ingram quietly becoming a force on defense |
Don't belong to Well, you can still enjoy Josh Kendall's work for free. Booyah, The State. Booyah.

USC's Shell showing progress | The Post and Courier

Elliott said he thought right tackle Rokevious Watkins' hit on safety Corey Addison after a scrimmage interception Wednesday night was "pretty cheap." "I appreciate him covering out," Elliott said of his own guy, "but in camp I think you have to take care of yourself and you have to know when to do things and when not to."

Georgia, South Carolina scrimmage notes | SEC Blog - ESPN
Good news for Boise St. and South Carolina Fans.

Former walk-on Brandon Harton led all rushers with 51 yards on 12 carries, and Ken Malcome registered 10 yards on five carries, while working with the first team.

SEC Football Preview: South Carolina could make gains in SEC title race | The Montgomery Advertiser
Lofty praise from parts Alabama.

The two will make millions in the big leagues one day, but the receiver/running back duo of Alshon Jeffery and Marcus Lattimore could be South Carolina's ticket to the promised land. They're dynamic, powerful and experienced enough to be the best combination in the league. They're starting to look a lot like the Julio Jones/Mark Ingram pairing that saw its share of success in Tuscaloosa for the past two seasons.

Somehow this writer also picks us to go 9-2. Whaa?

#8 South Carolina Gamecocks Season Preview | NFL Mocks
Another 12-0 prediction for the Gamecocks from someone not intimately familiar with the Gamecocks.

South Carolina Gamecocks: An in-Depth Look at the 2011 Football Program. |
It feels like a minor crime to me that is such a vicious assault on one's eyes.

Gamecocks Coach Pays Fine For Public Nuisance Charge | WSPA
GA Mangus is one step closer to putting this mess behind him.

Blood, Sweat, and Cheers... 2001: Jenkins leads Gamecocks over the Tigers | Columbia Star
Doesn't seem like ten years ago. Then again, the black and white photograph is messing with my perception of space and time.


SitRep: Texas A&M To The SEC Explained (As Of The Present Moment) |
Yeah, this about sums it up.

You can't even be mad at planning that diabolical. All one can do is stand back and applaud the audacity of a company that can get cattle to stampede themselves into the slaughterhouse, and then thank you for helping them become the steak they've always hoped they would be.

USC's Terrible 10 | The Daily Gamecock
South Carolina students complaining about parking is ridiculous. Georgia Tech won't even issue Freshmen any parking passes. Seriously, find something else to gripe about.

Gamecocks Uncork New Fundraising Idea | Mauldin, SC Patch
Put me down for two. Now all we need is for Cock Spur to issue a commemorative batch signed by Duce Staley.

SI regional preview covers are so totally cursed |
I think we know a little bit about curses in these here parts. Namely, that they don't exist.

Gamecocks Football: AP Ranks USC 12th | Leftover Hot Dog
The last shoe drops.



Several Drafted Gamecocks To Return To South Carolina | Gamecocks Online
Looks like we'll be getting back Matt Price, Michael Roth, Adam Matthews, and Tyler Webb. Pretty much what I expected, and with Roth and Price I like our chances in 2012.

Tuesday's Baseball Press Conferences Videos | Gamecocks Online
With the deadline passed for MLB teams to sign their draftees, coach Ray Tanner and members of the baseball team held a press conference Tuesday.

Pitching abounds for 2012 season |
David Cloninger prediction a 2012 rotation of Roth, Price, and Holmes with Forrest Koumas taking over closing duties. The real question, in my opinion, is who will replace John Taylor?

Meyer makes return to USC baseball | The Post and Courier
In case you missed it, (and that's what The Daily Feed is for, right?) Gamecock great Drew Meyer will be returning to USC as a student assistant coach.

Tigers, Gamecocks bringing baseball rivalry to Charleston |
Seems like Greenville and Charleston will be taking turns hosting the neutral site game in the Carolina/ Clemson baseball series. I think this is a great idea all the way around.

Hanahan's Lancaster commits to USC | The Post and Courier
The Gamecocks get a commitment from a Sophomore, so take that for what it's worth.



No. 21 South Carolina Opens 2011 With 4-0 Shutout At ECU | Gamecocks Online
The Lady Gamecocks lead us into the 2011 athletic season in style -- with a 4-0 victory over ECU in North Carolina. Gamecock fans everywhere will recognize this as an positive omen. The game remained close until Gabriele Gilbert gave the Gamecocks a two goal advantage in the 68th minute. South Carolina and East Carolina each had 10 shots, but USC held a 9-1 advantage in corner kicks.

No. 12 Duke Shuts Out No. 21 South Carolina 2-0 In Durham | Gamecocks Online
The Lady Gamecocks were not successful in their second contest of the season. Duke scored two goals on freshman goalkeeper Sabrina D'Angelo while the Gamecock offense was shut out. The Blue Devils out shot the Gamecocks 17-8. Gamecock fans everywhere hope this is not an omen for the football season.