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Garnet and Black Attack / Gameday Depot 2011 College Football Pick 'Em Contest

As I'm sure you were all hoping, Garnet and Black Attack and Gameday Depot (which will soon be updated and restocked will cool new gear) are reprising last season's Pick 'Em Contest. Gameday Depot will be providing $10 gift certificates to the weekly winners and a $50 certificate to the season winner.

If you'd like to play, first take a look at the Official Rules. Read the document, but know that the long and short of it is that you can't win more than one SBN Pool (other SBN blogs are doing this, too), so only join one; you can't win more than one weekly pool per 30-day period; and tiebreakers will be used to preclude ties.

After you've read the rules, go to Fun Office Pools and join the CFB pool "Garnet and Black Attack." Enter your picks by this Wednesday (there are Thursday games included). Then, watch some football, chat about your picks in the weekend threads, and see if you win anything.