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SB Nation Blogpoll Ballot: Week Four

Here's my blogpoll ballot, updated from yesterday; my SEC Power Poll ballot remained the same as yesterday's draft. The main changes I made to my blogpoll ballot were to bump TAMU up after deciding that I shouldn't drop them too much for a very narrow loss in a top-10 matchup against OK State and bumping Illinois up after I (1) realized I can't rank them below a team they beat (ASU) as long as they're undefeated and (2) decided that the win over ASU is aging well.

A quick word about Clemson and USC: I'm trying to base these rankings on who I think is the better team, and while I'm still taking preseason expectations into account, at this point in the season we have a healthy bit of on-field evidence to go on. That evidence favors Clemson, which has beaten two fairly solid teams. Those wins may end up aging poorly, but right now they're solid wins. USC also has some decent wins, but not of that caliber. I still feel that USC is the more talented, better coached team, but with the Gamecocks struggling offensively, I'm beginning to wonder--like the rest of us--when we're going to put it together. If and when we do, I'll put us ahead of the Tigers, but not before then.