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SEC Power Poll Ballot Draft: Week Four

Here's my SEC Power Poll ballot draft. Tell me what you think.

1. LSU Tigers

Convincing win over WVU in a hostile road environment. Made a nice case for the top national ranking.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Dominant win over Arkansas. Alabama and LSU are clearly the cream of the crop in the SEC this year. Should be a very good game when they play each other.

3. Florida Gators

Dominant win over Kentucky, but I'm a little unimpressed with their offense. They moved the ball well against the 'Cats, but they were mostly running the ball and throwing shallow passes. Against 'Bama, LSU, and, for that matter, South Carolina, they're going to have to test Brantley's arm more, and I'm still not confident Brantley is ready for that role. Still, a very solid team that appears much improved from a year ago.

4. South Carolina Gamecocks

The big-play defense and Marcus Lattimore should give them a chance in most games. Unfortunately, quarterback play will probably come back to bite them in the butt a few times before season's end.

5. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas had 17 yards rushing against Alabama. Although he looks solid, it's now clear that Tyler Wilson can't do it alone, and with Knile Davis gone, it doesn't appear that Wilson is going to get much help from the ground game, at least not against the better defenses.

6. Georgia Bulldogs

Solid but somewhat uninspiring win at Ole Miss. UGA dominated the game statistically, but like South Carolina, doesn't seem to have the ability to step on an opponent's throat.

7. Tennessee Volunteers

Vols had an off week.

8. Auburn Tigers

Uninspiring performance against a bad Florida Atlantic team.

9. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Needed overtime to beat a bad LA Tech team. They were running a vanilla offensive scheme, but still.

10. Vanderbilt Commodores

Pretty good defense that actually had some success slowing down Lattimore. However, their offense is simply putrid.

11. Mississippi Rebels

Fairly inept performance against UGA.

12. Kentucky Wildcats

Completely inept performance at home against Florida. Hard to say which is worse, Ole Miss or UK.