Over-signing replaced by worse alternative


The over-signing zealots are now hoist on their own petard; they don't know what to do about kids being involuntarily de-committed. Columnis Steve Eubanks saves most of his fire for Nick Saban over the Justin Taylor brouhaha - but a picture of Steve Spurrier is included just to make sure you know he isn't on the side of the angels. Guess what, Eubanks? You reaped what you sowed - Justin Thomas lost his offer in large part because guys who felt like you rammed through the arbitrary 25 class rule. These people will never be satisfied until a recruitment offer equals an automatic four year scholarship ride barring felony conviction, academic fraud or academic failure. Isn't it funny that Paul Johnson just revoked the offer for one of his earliest committments, but it's not talked about because Tech and Johnson are considered "good guys". The hypocrisy of the anti-oversigning crowd/movement is rampant.