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Chris Moody Commits to South Carolina

Apparently, his last-minute visit over the weekend went well, as McDonough, GA athlete Chris Moody has decided to drop his commitment to James Franklin and Vanderbilt in order to commit to South Carolina. (Let's hope our momentum against the up-and-coming 'Dores continues through the first week of the 2012 season.) Moody's recruiter was Lorenzo Ward, whose efforts in Georgia this cycle have been nothing short of outstanding. Indeed, Ward has been having an all-star year all around, you'd have to say.

Moody was primarily known for being a dual-threat QB in high school, and Steve Spurrier has told him that we'll give him a good look at Wildcat QB. However, he principally projects as a cornerback or safety at this level. He doesn't have a lot of experience playing defense, so he'll have some learning to do. That said, he has the body type and athleticism to make a big impact, and considering that we have some need for players in the defensive secondary right now, you have to really like the staff's success in making this happen. Welcome aboard, Chris.