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SEC Power Poll Draft Ballot: 1/22-1/28

Let me know if you have any qualms with these picks.

1. Kentucky Wildcats

I'll just assume no one disagrees with this one.

2. Florida Gators

After further proving they can win on the road against Ole Miss and taking out former-number-two Mississippi St., the Gators must move up. Their trip to Rupp looms next week.

3. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

The Bulldogs blew a chance for a nice win with a lackluster performance in Gainesville. Solid team, but clearly not elite.

4. Vanderbilt Commodores

I thought about putting them at three, but they lost to MSU head-to-head at home a couple of weeks ago, and their wins are unimpressive. We'll talk if they beat Florida or Kentucky.

5. Mississippi Rebels

This is where it gets hard. I've had Alabama at this spot most of the year, but the Tide lost to South Carolina, which is very bad. I'll put the Rebels here for now; Andy Kennedy's squad keeps chugging along, despite intermittent setbacks.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide

Bounced out of their losing streak with a win over Arkansas, but man, that loss to South Carolina may hurt come Selection Sunday.

7. Arkansas Razorbacks

Could really use a win over Vanderbilt tomorrow night if it wants to bolster its tournament profile.

8. Tennessee Volunteers

Yes, they play pretty good basketball sometimes, but they also seem to disappear at others. Loss to Vandy was very ugly.

9. LSU Tigers

Have seemingly lost their mojo after a nice mid-season stretch.

10. Auburn Tigers

Not a good team, certainly, but Tony Barbee's Tigers have managed to string a somewhat decent season together, considering the circumstances.

11. Georgia Bulldogs

Recent win over Tennessee was nice, but otherwise, the Bulldogs are winless in the SEC.

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

Well, at least they're no longer winless in the SEC. At least there's that.