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SB Nation Blogpoll and SEC Power Poll Questions: Week Nine

Blogpoll Questions

1. Ran 'em: K-State, Notre Dame, Oregon. I'm inclined to take Oregon over the other two. The Ducks just seem to be the team that best passes the eye test. They'll also have ample opportunity to prove themselves before the season winds down. ND and K-State are hard to choose between. K-State has a better resume so far, but Notre Dame looked good last night and seems to be settling in with Everett Golson at QB. I can see an argument for the Irish. The crazy thing is that it not only seems possible but likely that all three of these teams will finish undefeated. Too bad the playoff doesn't start this year.

2. Rank 'em: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina. In the round-robin between these three teams, nothing makes sense. South Carolina destroyed Georgia in every phase. Florida destroyed South Carolina, although the Gators benefited from USC turnovers. Then, Georgia beat Florida in a game featuring nine turnovers between the two teams. I have no idea how to measure these teams against each other. I hate to rank Georgia above us after we smeared them just three weeks ago, but I have to give them credit for beating a team that beat us by four scores.

SEC Power Poll Questions

1. Who's better--Mississippi St. or Texas A&M? State has the better record, but they were exposed as a legitimate top-15 team against Alabama. I know Alabama is great and all, but at least State could have put up a fight like Ole Miss did. TAMU, on the other hand, looked great against a bad Auburn team. I'm leaning towards TAMU at my sixth spot, but I'm willing to listen if you disagree.

2. Who's better--Tennessee or Arkansas? Both sit at 3-5. Arkansas has two league wins to UT's zero, but the Hogs have had the benefit of playing Auburn and Kentucky. Last week, I probably would have gone with Arkansas, but after their loss to Ole Miss and Tennessee's respectable loss at South Carolina, I'm thinking UT is better. These two teams basically seem equal to me other than that UT has the better offensive line. UT also has a better shot at postseason play. The Hogs close with three straight against ranked opponents, whereas UT has more or less played all the good teams on its schedule and has a typical easy November on deck.