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Taylor Martinez's Mouth Is About As Accurate As His Arm

In an article appearing in The Sporting News, Taylor Martinez, quarterback of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who lost the 2012 Capital One Bowl by a score of 30-13, said of the 2012 Capital One Bowl and the South Carolina team that beat his Huskers by seventeen points in the 2012 Capital One Bowl and outgained Nebraska by better than two yards per play in the 2012 Capital One Bowl:

"Honestly, I don’t think the game should’ve been close. We should’ve blown them out... Coach Bo really didn’t say much after the game, but I know it got under him. He knew we should’ve won the game, that we (were) a lot better team than they were. That one is still haunting him."

Attempts by Garnet & Black Attack to reach Martinez - by walking outside of my apartment and shouting "Martinez!" toward the heavens - were unsuccessful. However, YouTube volunteered the following comments:

Elsewhere in Haters Gonna Hate news, Sammy Watkins thinks Clemson would have circumvented their 34-13 whooping in Columbia if he hadn't dropped a first quarter pass that likely would have resulted in a touchdown. Because, you know, 13 + 7 = 35. Don't worry, Sammy. Our friends at LOL Clemson have your back.