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SEC Football Schedule Expected on Friday June 1st

Can you feel the anticipation?! I'd say this is about like if you're a kid around Christmas time. It's Thanksgiving Day. And that really has nothing to do with Christmas at all. First let me back-up and apologize to any non-Christians for this analogy. Ok, now that we're back on track with Political Correctness--Thanksgiving has little to nothing to do with Christmas. Sure the day after there is a massive shopping spree, but you're not exactly baking cookies and drinking egg nog yet. That's pretty much how I feel about all of this scheduling talk.

Bill C. has written another piece on methods for scheduling SEC games and which version he, as a Missouri fan or writer, would prefer. I don't necessarily agree with his points, but it is well-written and worth the read.

Now, there's only one problem with Bill C.'s piece. He's new to the SEC. And, in a way I think that is what is particularly formative in his opinions. As the new kid, Mizzou hasn't been to every single SEC stadium yet, or it could be a long time since the Tigers have faced off against the majority of the SEC teams. Regardless of the dates of past match-ups between SEC teams and Mizzou, I can certainly relate to his eagerness to see Mizzou play each and every team as soon as possible and more often than not. I really do empathize with him there.

Part of why I would prefer a 9-game SEC schedule is that I too would like to see the other teams more often. And, while Georgia it may seem unfair to me that UGA would want to have its way in having both an 8-game schedule and keep its permanent rivalry with Auburn, I find it important to remind myself that Georgia isn't the only team that wants to keep an 8-game schedule. Georgia's WLOCP dancing partner, the Florid Gators, would also like to keep it at 8 games. Like UGA and USC, Florida has a relatively tough, permanent in-state rivalry with an ACC team. Couple that with UGA and Floirda both always having a neutral site game and it makes it understandable that the Athletic Departments would want to buy a few home games to help with income.

It's a tough situation. It really is. I would prefer a 9-game, 6-1-2. I know that for USC, that would mean we would probably lose the games against East Carolina, NC State, and UNC. Which would also be sad. But we're no longer independent, it's time to be more devoted to our conference. And, I only say that because I do believe it is also in my university's best interest. More conference games would help with more quality games for a future SEC network. A conference game is just at least just as likely to get on ESPN or ABC than a game against NC State, East Carolina or NC State.

But what would y'all prefer?