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The Feed Pail: August 24, 2012 - Sympathetic Back Spasms!

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<em>Get well soon, # 14.</em>
Get well soon, # 14.

TFP - And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall.

Gamecock Football

O'burg Times & Democrat: David Cloninger reports that Stiff back keeps Connor Shaw out of practice.

Aiken Standard: Daryl Slater thinks that Gamecocks have questions to answer.

ESPN: Sharon Katz writes about Connor Shaw: SEC’s Sleeper QB.

USA Today: Countdown: Lattimore looks forward to carrying the load.

Gamecock Central: Cloninger tuns in a superlative essay on Kenny Miles - Final Run. "When it came down to it, I didn't want to leave."

Pre-Snap Read: No. 10: South Carolina. Paul Meyerberg is a genius. Because of his analysis? Oh, yeah - sure; that's part of it. But this gem is golden:

Where do South Carolina fans congregate? ... For a blog’s take, check out Garnet And Black Attack

The links keep rolling after The Jump!

Dixie Fried Sports: Matt Barber has two really strong posts - Spurrier vs Saban and 32 Questions for the SEC in 2012. As far as the questions, I'm not sure I can go with him on # 10 - it seems to me that a Western team playing all three of the "big" West Division programs, plus Georgia, would have a harder SEC sked than USC which only plays two of the "big" West squads and Georgia. That would be Auburn. Aubie does get Ole Miss, but Vandy and MSU are helmet-scratchers for them. I'm all over # 30, though.

Bleacher Report: South Carolina Football 2012: 0-12 Through 12-0... Looking at All the Scenarios. If it's all the same to you, I choose the "white whale" option.

Gamecock Anthem: Practice report: Adams will get playing time.

Spur of the Moment: Devin Taylor helped his NFL stock by getting larger, and now he wants to have a big senior season. It's also got more notes on Jadeveon and what Coach Brad Lawing sees for the DL.

Saturday Down South: South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt preview:

I’m not quite ready to put the Gamecocks on upset alert because they simply have more athletes who can make more plays, but it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. The Gamecocks lose this one, and it could create quite a negative snowball effect.

Leftover Hotdog: Gamecocks Great Debate: Lattimore's Carries.

Matt Connolly: Expectations for USC at an all-time high.

Cocky Country: Katie live blogs Carolina Calls on Twitter with a few RTs thrown in for fun (can you even "live blog" on Twitter, or was that a hopeless malapropism/anachronism from a social media imbecile?)

Meet Me at the 50: Ronda Templeton files the next installment of Gridiron & Grits: A date with Hannibal Lecter. A quintessential Gamecock moment.

Brad Senkiw: Is probably on solid ground when he opines that West will continue dominance of East in SEC. But maybe we can sneak up on 'em when they're not looking.

Garnet Report: Randall Stewart, a USC senior, writes about the Big Questions Facing the Gamecocks.

Palmetto Recruiting: Philadelphia's big-time RB prospect David Williams is now favoring the Gamecocks but UT and our pal Jay Graham are still very much in the hunt.

Loose Feed

Mr. SEC: Dooley Says He Doesn’t Expect Rogers To Return To UT. Andy Staples does a SEC 2012 Conference Report.

Crystal Ball Run: Sophomore Everett Golson of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is named Notre Dame's starting quarterback. No reason not to wish Everett the best of luck - there was apparently zero mutual interest between USC and Golson during the 2011 recruiting cycle. Bruce Feldman reviews a new x's-and-o's site aptly named X&OLabs. Bookmark it, Dano.

Ron Morris: The negative guys writes a positive piece about Corey Boyd's recent travails in the CFL - Boyd can handle adversity.

Sporting News: Mississippi State examines 'potential recruiting irregularity'. I'm shocked.

Life of a Gamecock: Now that Adam Garrett is working for Scout, Zachariah Lytle will be running the show at Life of a Gamecock. Awesome!