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The Feed Pail: September 24, 2012 - Psstt!! Media Blackout!! Pass it on!!

<em>Marcus Lattimore: record-setter.</em>
Marcus Lattimore: record-setter.

TFP - Dynamite's in the belfry playin' with the bats.

Gamecock Football

ESPN SEC Blog: SEC helmet stickers: Week 4 and What we learned in the SEC: Week 4. Well-deserved national recognition for Connor Shaw. As for the SEC East race, I don't think anyone suspected that Florida would be ready to compete for the division this year, but they are now certainly and thoroughly in the mix. Schedule meme: Don't forget we've got to travel to the Swamp, while the WLOCP is at a neutral site - half Red & Black, half Blue & Orange.

Garnet & Cocky: ESPN College GameDay 10/6: Not picking Columbia, SC would be a travesty. I totally agree; that's why I pulled for UGA against Vandy (not that they needed much help on that front) and that's why I'll be pulling for them against UT. Coach, Herb, Chris and Desmond are scheduled to be in East Lansing next weekend for Michigan State-Ohio State. You can start rooting for UGA to lose again after October 6 October 5 (h/t Hogbody!)

Gamecock Anthem: Gamecocks rise in the Associated Press Top 25.

Leftover Hotdog: Flounder counts down the South Carolina Defeats Missouri: Five Things Learned. Can you believe we've won 23 of our last 25 home games?

Darryl Slater: Spurrier not talking despite South Carolina rising to No. 6 in polls.

You can't hope to stop the links after The Jump. You can only hope to contain them.

Spurs Up: Andy Dematra's Inside The Chart is always full of great notes you just don't get anywhere else; also - Kelcy Quarles Bolstered by Strong Parents, Support System. Kelcy was shaken up late in the game, but the conventional wisdom is that he'll be back and ready for the UK roadtrip.

The Rubber Chickens: Buck posts his Snap Judgments – Missouri @ USC Edition.

The Daily Gamecock: Great football stories as usual - check them all out.

Garnet Report: View from the Upper Deck: USC 31, Mizzou 10.

Rock M Nation: Bill C is so distraught that he is driving back home through B1G country - South Carolina 31, Mizzou 10: Offensive Line And Special Teams Assure Defeat. He's is in Indiana or Illinois by now - travel safe! Quarterback Shaw returns to top form for Gamecocks by Matt Connelly.

Cocky Country: Katie says that Beastmode is Back! It was only hibernating a bit.

Bleacher Report: Injured South Carolina QB Shines in Missouri Beatdown and College Football: What I Loved and Hated in Week 4 . You've probably figured out which play from USC-MU is number five, but you'll never guess number eight. Plus - South Carolina vs. Kentucky: Gamecocks Cannot Become Complacent Against Wildcats. Amen. UK is like a cornered animal. They've got nothing to lose.

CBS Sports Xchange: Gamecocks won't overlook Wildcats. This writer seems more certain of that than I am. We always say we won't overlook the 'Cats. But I can't get 2010 out of my head, either. Also - USC passes first legitimate test. We didn't just pass it. We aced it. We did lose some style points on the three redzone turnovers, though.

The Big Spur: Bill Whittle posts Know your foe: Week 4 results. We're still keeping up with the Joneses.

Anderson Independent-Mail: Brad Senkiw has some love for Marcus on his reaching a huge milestone - Record-setting day for Marcus Lattimore.

He's duckin' the question, Pawwwwllllllll! Spurrier Media Blackout!!!!!!!

Leather Helmet Blog: Your Questions Annoy Lord Spurrier. Don't bother telling Ecdawg that it was Steve and Jeri Spurrier's anniversary Saturday, plus his old mentor Pepper Rogers was in town too, so no doubt the HBC wanted to get home to be with his friends and family. Nope, he's convinced the HBC must be ducking hard questions. Like the kind of hard questions you get when you notch a lopsided division win? All I can say is: Really? Remember that CMR has never officially explained why Rambo was suspended, or Ogletree is still out - and still isn't talking. Maybe Spurrier knows what really happened, but isn't talking either. Maybe he baked the pot brownies and he doesn't want to 'fess up? Yeah- that's the ticket. (Confidential to EcDawg - pretty please stop throwing stones in glass houses).

NBC CFT: Lookit! He done went and did it again!!! You mad? Spurrier cuts short media chat yet again. If the inky wretches have nothing to write about, then they'll write about the fact they've got nothing to write about - and they're mad enough to name names, too! You'd think they'd be happy to catch a bit of a break.

Pete Iacobelli: It's official - Call it the Head Ball Coach media blackout. There's just no pleasing some people. If you don't answer our questions then we're going to taunt you behind your back and compare you with Lane Kiffin. You are witnessing one of the great days in sports journalism, folks - not.

Sports Talk Radio: Listen for yourself: Spurrier still feels good a day after win over Mizzou (AUDIO). Yup - he must really have something to hide. This is such a non-issue.

Football Recruiting

Gamecock Central: Four-star linebacker Yannick Ngakoue of Washington, D.C. has de-committed from Maryland; and USC is on his revised list. We look really strong at LB already, but we can always find room for an interested four star.

Palmetto Recruiting: Gaffney WR Shaq Davidson, Latta OL Donnell Stanley and White Knoll OL Christian Taylor all had a big time at the USC-MU game. No time like the present to punch your ticket on the Gamecock train, gents.

Gamecocks in the NFL

Kansas City Star: Succop kicks his way into Chiefs’ record book. Is Ryan the most relevant Mr. Irrelevant ever? He's so clutch there's almost no drama.

Loose Feed

Dr. Saturday: Awkward, anyone? Peeking in on a private moment between Dabo and Jimbo (PHOTO).

College Football Zealots: The five most surprising and five most disappointing teams in CFB.

Get the Picture: Smart football. The Senator enjoys watching the Jackets make "the football equivalent of an own goal in soccer." Our hirsute friends are much funnier on the whole when their ire is pointed in another direction. Have you guys also noticed that USC barely cross-recruits anymore with Georgia Tech. My home times have changed on North Avenue.

Athens Banner-Herald: On a roll, Georgia remains wary of unranked Tennessee. They should be - UT is still a dangerous club.

Gainesville Sun: Meanwhile, the Gators enjoy a well-deserved bye week after starting conference play with back-to-back SEC road trips and playing three league games out of their first four. UF goes to LSU in two weeks - the same Saturday that we host Georgia. Remember how we thought they looked ragged against Bowling Green? Well, we looked ragged in our first game, too.

ESPN: NCAA: Rate of concussions steady. It's time to - forgive the split infinitive - radically redesign the football helmet.

Pre-Snap Read: Crushing news - Paul Myerberg: I’m Heading Over to USA Today. Best of luck, Paul! You'll be missed in the blogosphere.