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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week Four

1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Before allowing a late TD, 'Bama had only given up 50 yards or so against FAU. Remember, this FAU team actually had some big plays against UGA the week prior.

2. Georgia Bulldogs

Looked very strong against Vandy.

3. LSU Tigers

The defense is still as good as any in the country, but the Auburn game made it clear that Zach Mettenberger isn't necessarily going to be a huge step up from Jordan Jefferson.

4. South Carolina Gamecocks

Like Georgia, this team appears to be coming into its own as it heads into midseason.

5. Florida Gators

Impressive performance against Kentucky, but don't forget that Louisville also blew out the 'Cats.

6. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

This is a hard team to figure out. They're winning, but they're also looking sluggish against subpar competition. They were nearly outgained by South Alabama.

7. Texas A&M Aggies

This team is a bit of a wildcard. The offense looks explosive against subpar competition, but I'm not sure what that means for when they play good teams. More evidence needed.

8. Missouri Tigers

Plenty of talent on this team, but question marks at QB, odd coaching strategy, and bad special teams play led to an ugly afternoon for Mizzou against South Carolina.

9. Tennessee Volunteers

Were the struggles against Akron for real or just evidence of looking ahead to UGA? Probably the latter, but I still don't think the Vols have much of a chance this weekend.

10. Auburn Tigers

Nice bounce-back performance by Auburn against LSU, but they were close enough to winning that losing has to sting quite a bit.

11. Ole Miss Rebels

Seems to be improving. Blowout over Tulane is progress for this program.

12. Vanderbilt Commodores

The James Franklin Experience hit a serious road bump in Athens over the weekend. Based on recruiting trends, he's got Vandy going in the right direction, but the talent isn't on the field yet, and it shows against elite competition.

13. Arkansas Razorbacks

Kentucky and Tulsa are the only likely wins I see on the schedule. Ole Miss looks like a tossup. Four or five wins tops. Epic collapse.

14. Kentucky Wildcats

Odds on them hiring Petrino?