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South Carolina Gamecocks Football: ESPN's College Gameday is coming to Columbia! No, I'm not kidding! (Updated)

Hold the presses - Chris, Kirk, Desmond and Coach will broadcast ESPN's College Gameday from Columbia, South Carolina

Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Despite early intelligence that the College Gameday crew was heading to The Swamp to cover LSU-UF (which is the CBS 3:30 SEC game of the week), the World Wide Leader is sending its flagship CFB show back to the Capital City to cover one of the biggest games in our program's history. This news comes straight horse's mouth, so to speak - and it makes a lot of sense. UGA-USC should be a classic, and if there has been a more important SEC game for Carolina in recent memory, I'm having trouble recollecting it.

After a crummy week of Steve Spurrier battling Ron Morris of The State - and an even crummier first half against Kentucky - this is an outstanding opportunity for the Gamecocks to make a big statement in the national spotlight.

Who will rise to the challenge? The Georgia Bulldogs - almost certain to be highly favored? Or the underdog Gamecocks?

Even more importantly - who will be the special guest game picker? And where will they set up? In the Farmer's Market? Or back to the Horseshoe? Inquiring minds want to know!

UPDATE: According to Kevin McCrarey, ESPN has already selected the Horsheshoe:

This is the sixth time ESPN has selected Columbia as its GameDay site. The will set up shop at the same place they did two years ago before the Alabama game, the Horseshoe. Not sure if the new Farmers Market fan area was seriously considered, but it is clear ESPN producers really liked the setup at the Horseshow before the Bama game and it was a pretty easy call.

The Horseshoe is one of the best sites we’ve ever had for College GameDay,” said Lee Fitting, College GameDay Senior Coordinating Producer. “The picturesque collegiate backdrop creates the perfect setting for the show. Given the fact that a highly-ranked Georgia team is coming to town will only add to the excitement of Saturday morning.”

Good stuff.