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SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot: 1/20-1/26


1. Florida Gators

The Gators are red hot right now, coming off a thorough waxing of supposed conference peer Mizzou. Although they're not getting the national recognition enjoyed by Duke, Michigan, Kansas, Louisville, and Syracuse, Florida is Pomeroy's top team. Considering that they're achieving this kind of success despite having to play through some minor injuries, perhaps it's time to take Florida seriously as a national title contender.

2. Ole Miss Rebels

After being stuck in neutral as a perpetual NIT team for the first several years of Andy Kennedy's tenure, the Rebels appear to be breaking through in 2013. Lunardi had them as a ninth seed last week, and that should improve with his next projections.

3. Kentucky Wildcats

The Wildcats got back on track this week, but how much of that was the schedule? This week's game at a somewhat resurgent Alabama might give us some indication.

4.Texas A&M Aggies

After getting exposed in a high-profile game against Florida, the Aggies had a letdown in a listless loss against Alabama. They can get their season back on track this week with layups against LSU and UGA.

5. Missouri Tigers

The Tigers were completely dominated by Florida over the weekend. Ravaged by injuries and sitting through the circus attending the probe of its coach's tenure at Miami, it will be interesting to see if Mizzou manages to avoid falling apart.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide

The complete lack of a front court continues to plague this team, but the Tide have managed to win three straight after losing their conference opener. Trevor Releford may be good enough to keep this team in the middle of the pack in the conference.

7. Arkansas Razorbacks

Has looked good against the lower tier and bad against the upper tier. Thus, solidly middle tier.

8. Auburn Tigers

After a nice start to the conference slate, Auburn came back down to earth a bit this week with a tough OT loss to Arkansas and then a slap in the face from reality from Kentucky. It will be interesting to see if this team can regroup and get it back on track.

9. Vanderbilt Commodores

Although they looked awful in OOC play, this young team has been decent against a tough slate in conference play. That's probably to be expected, as there is talent on the roster, and, obviously, Kevin Stallings has a good track record. Still, the failure to pull away from South Carolina while the Gamecocks were shooting less than 30% may not bode well.

10. Tennessee Volunteers

Another team that's probably a bit better than its record indicates, but that's not saying much in this case.

11. Mississippi St. Bulldogs

Kind of like Auburn, after a surprising 2-0 start in conference play, this team shot back down to earth last week. The fall was a bit more precipitous in this case, though, with two blowout losses to mid-tier opponents. Starting to look like the cellar-dweller they were expected to be.

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks picked up a nice road win at LSU, but they followed that up with one of the worst offensive games you'll ever see against Vandy. Frank Martin is doing what he can with this team, but there's not much to work with. Will be interesting to see if they recoup with an interesting opportunity against against a very shorthanded Mizzou this week.

13. Georgia Bulldogs

Bad team, but fantastic player in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

14. LSU Tigers

In a week when it played its fellow cellar dwellers South Carolina and Georgia, LSU proved itself to be the worst of the worst by losing both games.