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South Carolina vs. Missouri: Postgame interviews

Gamecock players and coaches react to their emotional double-overtime win in Columbia, Missouri.

Peter Aiken

Steve Spurrier

I'm happy to get my first overtime win as a college coach. I was 0-3 prior to this one. I thought for many seconds there that I was going to be 0-4. But we hit Bruce Ellington on that corner route. I got a good call from up top. Steve, Jr. said, "Try the corner route. Maybe they're playing man again." And sure enough they played man instead of their usual zone.

On Connor Shaw entering the game in the third quarter:

I went over and asked him, "Can you play?" He said, "Sure." I said, "Well, we've got to make the move now." Dylan was just a little off. He had a few guys that I thought may be open and he zinged 'em out. But it just wasn't his night. And Connor gave us a little sharpness in there... It was do or die. We had no chance in the division unless we win this one. We probably could have put him in there a little earlier. But it worked out.

On the play of Mike Davis:

Mike Davis had a heckuva game even though he had those fumbles. He made some nice runs on the screen passes... We yelled at him a little bit, but the kid's the leading rusher in the conference, so we're not going to yell at him too much... We didn't have much running room tonight. It seems like they had a good plan for our little zone read or what have you. They stuffed us at times and at times we didn't block it right... They played man-to-man occasionally and Mike made the guy miss once or twice. And he got him once or twice. But that's just a good little play against the zone.

Connor Shaw

I let Coach Spurrier and Coach Mangus know before the game that I was ready if I was needed... I wasn't even supposed to be playing this game. I was supposed to be out two to three weeks... I feel extremely blessed... I practiced a little bit. I didn't take any reps with the starters this week. But I told Coach Spurrier I was OK, and I was cleared by the doctors.

On staying in the pocket:

A big part of that was the knee, but Missouri has a lot of speed up front. A lot of those guys could chase me down, as they did a couple of times. So I tried to stay in the pocket as much as I could.

On the touchdown on 4th-and-15 that forced a second overtime:

I saw the corner. He manned up on the outside receiver and left Bruce on a little corner route. It was pretty much a switch route. And he ran with the outside guy, so I threw it to Bruce.

Mike Davis

On the injury that forced him out of the game during the second overtime:

What injury? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jadeveon Clowney

I just told Connor, "Man, just go out there and do your thang." He'd been hurt all week. And he just put the team on his back and carried us when he came into the game.

I don't think I'm ever going to be healthy the rest of the season. I've got a lot of nagging injuries. But it's OK. I'm out here to play for my team. I love this group of guys I'm playing with. And no matter how I'm feeling I'm going to come out and play on Saturday with them."

Kelcy Quarles

First of all, Connor wasn't even supposed to be out there playing. I wasn't even supposed to play either. So for him to come out and do what he did, that's amazing. I love that man to death, and I wouldn't take no NFL Hall-of-Famer, no other quarterback over him.

Dylan Thompson

On what he said to Connor Shaw after the game:

I just told him I loved him, man. 'Cause we've grown a lot, our friendship has through a lot of things since we've been here, and I thought tonight was just an awesome picture of that. We moved the ball during the first half but just couldn't get any points on the board. I thought coach made obviously a great decision to throw Connor in there and see if we could shake it up a little bit. And he had my back, man. And it's just awesome to have a teammate like that -- a guy who can come in and provide a spark, and I thought that was great for our team.

On the decision to pull him from the game:

I think we moved the ball. Obviously, everyone saw that. But at the same time, no points were on the board. But you've just got to trust your coaches... Coach Spurrier, they don't call him a great coach for no reason. I think he made a great choice tonight, and I support him 100 percent. And I just think it's amazing how bought in everyone is to this team. And no one gave up hope, and you see the outcome... You never want to come out as a competitor. Obviously, you never do. But seriously, whatever it takes to get wins, that's what you have to do. And it it turned out to be great for us, and it turned out to be great for us. And I think all of Gamecock nation is excited about that... You move the ball down the field 70, 80 yards and then no points, no points, no points. It is frustrating. But you've just gotta stay positive. Our offensive line was in a good spot. They were in a good spot. They were encouraging each other. It's crazy. I was just feeling such a peace. I just felt like God was saying, "Be easy, be easy."

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