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Grady Brown on the 96-yard touchdown pass, Jimmy Legree, and Chaz Elder

South Carolina's secondary coach spoke to the media on Tuesday afternoon and was awfully critical of the 96-yard touchdown pass they gave up, and it was pretty clear who he was talking about.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Grady Brown, on the 96-yard touchdown pass from Maty Mauk to L'Damian Washington.

I was disappointed with the long touchdown pass that we gave up. That's one thing that we have to get corrected within these last four games that we have to play. You just can't give up long touchdowns. If we could take that one away, which we cannot, we actually did a pretty decent job against a really good group of receivers. That one play stands out for me as a coach, and it's disappointing.

On whether Jimmy Legree should shoulder all of the blame for getting beat:

It was a number of things, actually. Because, when he caught the ball, we still had a chance to make the tackle. So there were a number of things that went wrong on that play. I can't just single out Jimmy Legree. Obviously, he lined up on that guy. I can't just single him out for that play because there were some things that other people could have done, and that would not have gone for a 95-yard touchdown. It might would have been a 45-, 50-yard completion. But we had opportunities for that not to go for a long touchdown.

To me, it's pretty clear who Grady Brown is referencing there. It's the guy who looked like a fawn taking his first steps as he attempted to run down L'Damian Washington. Brison Williams' angle on this play was just horrible, and it's not the first time that such a lapse in judgment has resulted in a long touchdown (see: Matthews, Jordan).

On Chaz Elder's progress:

Chaz is coming along. He's slowly turning into the player that we all thought he could be coming out of high school. And I'm pleased with his progress. He just has to continue to develop the mental aptitude to play the position. It's a lot different from high school in terms of in high school you might not have to study that much for the game to go out and play well, but in college you have to have an idea of what people like to do and different tendencies. Once his mental aptitude for the position reaches his physical abilities, he'll end up being a pretty good player.

He's really athletic and he has good length. And, to be a tall, slim guy, he does not shy away from contact. A lot of times slim guys, guys that are kind of slight of stature, they shy away from contact, but he's a physical player, loves to tackle, and he plays very fast and hard. So he has all of the abilities to be a good one.

On Ahmad Christian's absence from the defense:

Ahmad right now is just in a position where his main role is to be a nickel back or a dime back. Unfortunately, for him, it just happens to be that some games he plays a lot and some games he doesn't play a lot if there are no injuries.

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