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Arkansas AD Jeff Long subtweets Steve Spurrier

The Arkansas athletics director and College Football Playoff selection committee member took to Twitter to throw some serious shade at Steve Spurrier for laughing off Jadeveon Clowney's most recent speeding ticket.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Spurrier was predictably unfazed by the news of Jadeveon Clowney's ticket for driving 88 mph in a 55 mph zone and even took the opportunity to find humor in the situation.

He needs to go to driving school, doesn't he?... At least he'll have enough money to pay for it a week or so from now. Hopefully they'll send him there after the bowl game.

I guess it's somewhat understandable that Bobby Petrino's ex-boss would have such piping hot takes on transportation safety

It would be as pointless for Spurrier to come down on Clowney as it would for Jadeveon to take out a loan to pay off the cost of the speeding ticket. Clowney is about to be a multimillionaire and, if JD is ever pulled over again, he'll likely be able to hand the police officer in cash at the scene of the violation. (This might not be a thing that you're allowed to do, but if I was crazy rich, I would definitely try it.)

It's not a great idea to be going 33 miles over the speed limit, even if it was one of those I-26 speed traps where it drops from 70 to 55 with almost no warning, but what do you want Spurrier to do? Suspend him for the Capital One Bowl? For a speeding ticket? Keep him out of a week of practice that he won't be participating in next season because he'll be in the NFL?

In any event, Arkansas athletics director Jeff Long logged on to Twitter shortly after Spurrier's comments went viral and published the athletics administration equivalent of a #smh.

While Long doesn't single out Spurrier or Clowney by name, it's the only newsworthy current event that meets the criteria set forth in Long's tweet. I guess it's somewhat understandable that Bobby Petrino's ex-boss would have such piping hot takes on transportation safety, but it's a comment that one might more readily expect to come from the Razorbacks' fiery head football coach than its AD.

Making matters more uncomfortable is the fact that Long is the chairman of the CFB Playoff committee. If the Gamecocks find themselves in the mix for a top-four seed, will Long think twice about including a Spurrier-coached South Carolina team? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out, but if you see Mr. Long on Twitter in the meantime, make sure to greet him in the style of his most highly paid employee.