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Introducing The GABAbag

A new mailbag section comprised of your questions about all things Gamecocks.

Streeter Lecka

The lifeblood of blogging, in a word, is thievery. "Hey, look what they're doing! We should do that!" Indeed, we're ever observant of blogospheric activity in the hopes that we might recognize a charging Trend Train onto which we can hitch our garnet boxcar so that we might be towed to the utopian Land of Pageviews.

No, wait. Ignore all that. What I meant to say is we aim to bring the BEST and most ENGAGING CONTENT to you, the reader. So we've whipped up a weekly Mailbag feature comprised of reader sourced questions.

How does it work? You ask us questions, and once a week (or however long it takes for us to get an adequate number of responses) we'll compile and answer them. What sorts of questions, you ask? The only limit is your imagination, but here are a few ideas:

  • Ridiculous Hypotheticals. Example: "If there is an alternate universe where Steve Spurrier runs a successful pool cleaning supplies franchise, what would Dabo Swinney's job be?"
  • Thought Provoking Rhetoricals. Example: "If Jadeveon Clowney had been a bust, what would it have meant for the program?"
  • Personal Quandaries. Example: "My sister's wedding is on the same day as the Georgia game. Do I skip her wedding or kidnap her fiance until the game ends?"
  • Cultural Recomendations. Example: "What's the best beer for chucking at a flatscreen after a holding call negates a 30 yard run?"*

What not to ask? Nothing's off limits, but if you're looking for insider information or just want a serious answer, your hopes shouldn't get too high.

To ask a question, please tweet us at @GABAttack or email us at Ask early and often! Questions from members of any fanbase are welcome.

*Answers to the above question: 1. Waterpark lifeguard. 2. At least a 10 year setback. 3. Both, out of spite. 4. Old Milwaukee. This is the only practical use for Old Milwaukee.