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Half Cocked Podcast, Episode 92: You Say Googer; I Say Googer

"If Steve Spurrier were a restaurant, what restaurant would he be?" The answer to that and other urgent queries in this week's podcast.


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We're not in Appalachia anymore, as Michael Fuller, staff writer on the new Sundance channel series "Rectify", joins us to talk about what it's like to write for a critically acclaimed and (hopefully) widely watched cable drama, our mutual distaste for hacky Jadeveon Clowney blog posts, and his expectations for the 2013 football season. Guest co-host Brandi Mills and I also discuss the NFL Draft, the College Football Playoff, Joker Phillips' phenomenal Instagram account, and what restaurant Steve Spurrier would be.

Links of interest:
College Football Playoff
Brandi Mills' Cyrstal Ball projections
Joker Phillips' Instagram account

Bumper music:
"Girl" - Beck
"Sexx Laws" - Beck
"Rec & Play" - I'm From Barcelona
"Make It Wit Chu" - Queens of the Stone Age