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South Carolina and UNC to Play at Bank of American Stadium in 2015


North Carolina and South Carolina will square off in 2015 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. Like this year's UNC game at Williams-Brice and the 2011 game against East Carlina at BOA in Charlotte, the 2015 UNC game is currently slated as an opening Thursday night game, but date is still in play depending on how the television situation pans out.

I'm a big fan of getting a regular series with North Carolina going, and I wouldn't be at all opposed to seeing the games played at BOA Stadium. First of all, the two teams are natural border rivals with a long history going back to USC's ACC days. A regular series would generate legitimate excitement for our fans.

Second of all, USC needs to continue to work North Carolina in recruiting. Our games against East Carolina increase our exposure in the state, but we generally aren't competing with the Pirates for recruits. That's not the case with North Carolina, which is a routine competitor with us for the Tarheel State's best prospects, which should continue to be the case as Larry Fedora develops the program in Chapel Hill. Some head-to-head wins against UNC--and we have no excuse for not beating them by two scores or more this fall--will make prospects think twice about accepting a scholarship offer from Fedora. Playing the games in Charlotte will be particularly helpful in this regard, as the Charlotte area produces some great talent.

The concern over the potential for a regular series is that it might present problems if the SEC goes to a nine-game conference schedule. This is, of course, one reason why Carolina fans might think better of supporting a move to an extended conference schedule, although such schedules may simply end up being part of the new economic landscape of college football. Now that the B10 has done it, the other conferences will likely eventually follow suit for television bargaining purposes.