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Interested in Writing for Garnet and Black Attack?

GABA is looking for writers interested in helping us cover Gamecocks football recruiting and baseball.

Christian Petersen

If you're reading this blog, chances are you're a huge fan of the South Carolina Gamecocks. You may even be devoting an inordinate amount of time to commenting on USC blogs and message boards. Why not repurpose your addiction to Carolina athletics into a creative, intellectually fulfilling hobby as a writer for Garnet and Black Attack?

What are we looking for? In particular, we need writers to cover two areas: football recruiting and baseball. As those of you who are regular readers know, we (lately, Connor Tapp especially) cover recruiting news, but we'd like to up the ante and find someone who can help us offer more regular coverage of the constantly evolving recruiting news cycle as well as additional analysis. Similarly, while we've covered baseball in the past, we've never covered it in as much detail as it deserves considering that USC is one of the nation's premier college baseball programs. In fact, we currently don't have a dedicated baseball writer. We really want to rectify that situation before the season rolls around by bringing in a baseball blogger.

The only hard qualifications are that, first of all, you need to be passionate and knowledgeable about Carolina athletics, particularly whichever of the two options above that you wish to cover. Second of all, you need to be able to write clearly. Lastly, while blogging is by nature to some degree informal, SB Nation strives for a high standard, so you need to be able to conduct yourself professionally, at least to the same extent that the current featured writers do. We'll provide the necessary training regarding how to use the SB Nation platform, which provides incomparable opportunities to produce stunning work and to get widespread exposure.

Current openings are unpaid. What we can offer right now is online sports-writing experience, which may be valuable to those of you with an interest in journalism or some form of online content delivery. We also offer the chance to have fun with your Gamecocks fandom, which is why most of us got into this in the first place. That said, some of our writers have obtained compensated positions both for writing for Garnet and Black Attack as well as other branches of SB Nation. If you are dedicated and your work is strong, there are opportunities to make some coin here and there.

Want to apply? Send (1) a brief note telling us about yourself and what you have to offer Garnet and Black Attack and (2) a writing sample to The writing sample can be about anything; we just want to see that you have the basic writing skills necessary to contribute to the site.