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South Carolina Gamecocks: The Best Game Day Grilled Sausages And Onions

Brothers and Sisters, it's the last home game and for this week's What's Cookin' at GABA, were all about the sausage and onions. Of course this ain't actually high comfort food, but we're not rolling in a chauffeured Merceds-Benz to the game either. Every man, woman and child has an animal like craving for grilled sausages and mankind has often struggled with choosing among the fifty-seven varieties of Heinz sauces. Don't even bother with ketchup or mustard this time. For this easy peasy grilled dish, it's about the mouth waterin sweet Italian sausages and caramelized onions. A flava invasion of epic porportions.

Here is the stuff you're going to need, yo!

2 large onions sliced thin.

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 large disposable roasting pan (and some aluminum foil to cover it)

2 pounds of Kayem All Natural Sweet Italian Sausage

Time to light up...the grill that is. If you're using charcoal spread the coals evenly and make sure the grate is scrubbed there sparky. You want the grill hot. After about a PBR the coals should be hot and ready.

Here is a little secret but don't tell anyone. Microwave the onions. Yeah, we are still going to grill them and look cool doing it but we need a little head start so put the sliced onions in the microwavable bowl. Sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Cover it with it with a lid or find something plastic that won't melt. Nuke the covered onions for about 4 minutes.Stir it up. Microwave another 2 minutes. Ding! Done.

Transfer the onions to the disposable pan (hopefully you remembered to purchase the pan after spending an eternity on the beer isle). Put the sausages on a single layer over the onions and wrap the pan tightly with the aluminum foil.

Place the pan in the center of the grill, cover the grill and let it go for about 15 minutes. Then move the pan to one side of the grill and use your tongs (if you don't have tongs, you can always use the plastic fork method) and place the sausages directly on the grill until golden brown on all sides.

Transfer the sausages to a plate, cover loosely with foil. Cover the gill back up and let the onions cook for about another 10 minutes. With the liquid evaporated and the onions brown, time to plate up with sausage and onions.

Nothing compares to grilled sausage n' onions and an ice cold brew. So, grab a 12 pack cans of Sierra Nevada Pale to go with this mouth watering meal. And while you're sitting down and talking about Dumbo Sweeny and the upcoming Clemmy Taters game just keep in's not always about football. It's about the event and your friends. Stay hungry and go Cocks!