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South Carolina vs South Alabama: Steve Spurrier Post-Game Press Conference

Spurrier talks about the win over South Alabama

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Quotes from Spurrier's post-game press conference are below and it can be watched right here.

On the team and what this win means:

Well I told our guys another team is bowl-eligible: the South Carolina Gamecocks. It was a very good win for us, to be bowl eligible, to get number six, to be sure we're not gonna have a losing record in the regular season.

Yeah to be bowl eligible after 3 weeks ago, you know, you guys have written it up. It's pretty dadgum neat for these guys, so really proud of them, proud of these guys. We've looked sorry at times this year, we all know, but we're fightin' to the finish, so give them credit for that.

On the defense:

All those turnovers...we've been so good all year protecting the ball and taking care of it, it hit us this game. But fortunately the defense played so well it wasn't a factor and we were able to have a big fourth quarter there to put it away. Obviously Skai Moore a couple of picks, Brison Williams two picks.

Give our defensive kids a lot of credit, they have turned around the season these last 2 games. It would've been easy for them to sorta pack it in after that home game against Tennessee. It would've been easy for our team to pack it in a little bit, but they've risen to the occasion.

On Dylan Thompson and Pharoh Cooper:

Dylan hitting Pharoh on that post route, he checked to that. That was a play we put in at halftime and he saw the right defense and hit him down there. And then Pharoh threw it to Dylan for the touchdown. I tell you what, that Pharoh Cooper kid, I was so happy for him because the Tennessee game he had an unbelievable game and nobody noticed because we found a way to lose to them.

We've had that play [the touchdown pass to Thompson] in and we really didn't have it in this week, but we run about every week in practice. The corner had been coming off when we were running the sweep with the halfback and Dylan sorta waved his hand so I fired it in there, the 38 pass we call it...I tell you what, it was a beautiful pass...and Dylan made a nice catch. I said Dylan's not gonna drop it like some of our guys were dropping some earlier.

On Freisman:

Elliott Fry, gosh I forgot to give him a game ball, I've got to go back and give him one. He was what, 3 for 3 on field goals, he was outstanding, really contributed to getting a 14 point lead there, that last 47 yard field goal.

On Na'Ty Rodgers:

Yeah, Na'Ty is looking to transfer and hopefully he will pass enough hours and be eligible to do that. Yeah sometimes a kid just needs a new environment. He needs a new environment and he'll be fine.

On the 4th quarter:

Well it was important to get ahead by 3 touchdowns at that time. You know when we started that 4th quarter only 2 touchdowns ahead, you know we've been there before so it was I thought a big play to get the one to Dylan certainly.

On strategies for winning:

We needed to keep running, keep running. We only threw 20 passes and ran 37 times, but that's probably a good ratio for winning...Gosh, we only had the ball very few plays. 57 plays to their 76. But as we know, it's whoever gets the most points that wins.

When you make them kick field goals, you don't lose very often and that's what happened today.

On next week:

Hopefully we can get ready for Clemson and have some confidence and play a lot smarter than we did today...Should be a heck of a game next week. Clemson has had an excellent year and they'll be ready for us...Should set up for an excellent matchup between two teams.