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South Alabama Jaguars at South Carolina Gamecocks recap: A few quick thoughts

Random thoughts on the USC-USA game.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

A few random thoughts about the Gamecocks' win over South Alabama:

--This game could have easily been much more lopsided if Carolina hadn't committed so many turnovers and shot itself in the foot with penalties in the red zone. The Gamecocks had little trouble moving the ball but couldn't get out of their own way.

--The Gamecocks defense continued its improved play. Carolina gave up about 3.7 yards per play in the game, not a worldbeater number considering how limited the South Alabama offense was, but also a significant improvement over the 5+ yards per play Carolina gave up against an even more limited Furman team several weeks ago. Linebacker play is substantially better with Skai Moore and Jonathan Walton on the field at the same time.

--Speaking of Moore, one of the benefits of having him in the middle of the field is that he's great in pass coverage over the middle of the field. His second interception was an athletic play and illustrated how he can make a QB pay for a lazy pass over the middle of the field. He may be giving up some size in run defense compared to your typical middle linebacker, but the benefits in pass coverage compensate for that.

--Not sure what was up with Mike Davis in this game. When Brandon Wilds played the first couple of drives, it had me wondering whether Spurrier was planning to sit Davis for most of the USA game in order to keep Davis fresh for Clemson. However, once Davis got into the game to get his obligatory handful of big plays, he promptly put the ball on the ground a couple of times and spent the rest of the game on the bench. I still expect him to get a ton of carries against CU next week. He should be as fresh as he's been all season.

--Speaking of guys who were benched, I'm glad Shaq Roland didn't play. I'm sick of seeing that guy screw around like he doesn't care.

--I'll have to admit that I got a bit sentimental when Dylan came off the field for the last time. This year hasn't turned out like we hoped for him, but he's been a good QB for Carolina. He's got one more task, and that's to play well in Death Valley again. If he can do that, it would be hard not to call his career a huge success.

--Also nice to see Brison Williams go out on such a high note. He's had a good career and is one of the few impact players on this year's defense. Also showed a team-first attitude in cross-training at corner when any pro potential he has will be at safety.