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Please Welcome New Writers to Garnet and Black Attack

GABA is bringing in three new writers to spearhead 2014 baseball coverage, as well as another to help out with football coverage.

Kevin C. Cox

GABA is bringing in four new writers who will help us expand our coverage.

First of all, three writers will be joining us primarily to help us cover baseball: Kaci Barfield, Katie Dzwierzynski, and Timothy De Block. You're likely familiar with Kaci from her frequent participation in our comment threads. Katie you may know from her work with Aerys Sports and Cocky Country. Tim is a veteran at SB Nation as a long-time contributor at The Crawfish Boxes, the network's Houston Astros site. All three are die-hard Gamecocks fans and have a lot to offer as writers here at GABA.

Second of all, we're bringing in a writer who will help us out with football coverage: The Meat Locker. If you're familiar with his work at The Meat Locker Sports, you know that he'll provide a valuable voice here at GABA.

Please welcome these four new writers!