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Kent Babb interviews Gregg Marshall

USC alum and current writer for the Washington Post shares a lot of information about how Gregg Marshall was treated during the Gamecocks' last three job searches.

Gregg Marshall led Wichita State to the Final Four in 2013.
Gregg Marshall led Wichita State to the Final Four in 2013.
Jim McIsaac

I nearly didn't write this article. The subject of Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall normally opens a very vast schism in the Gamecock fan base, and people have over time become rigid in their views of him.

That said, the university's failure to hire him has certainly impacted our basketball program, and the choice to bring in Dave Odom and Darrin Horn instead of Marshall likely led to Carolina losing more basketball games in the last decade than it would have had they hired Marshall. I'd think most people would at least agree with that at this point, though some may not.

Though his name has always been in the conversation in our hiring process, a full accounting of what happened in each job search that kept him out of the position has never really come out. Until Kent Babb of the Washington Post took to Twitter this afternoon and put out a lot of information on the topic. Take it away, Kent.

Sorry about those last few tweets - I couldn't help myself. For those who don't remember, or want to open up old wounds, I was referring to this game. Twitter is the best.

All interesting. As someone who's never loved Mike McGee (thanks for the terrible Colonial Life Arena) or Eric Hyman (thanks for Darrin Horn), particularly in how they've treated the hoops program, I found all of this very interesting to read.

You can think that Gregg Marshall is a good coach and also think the university made a good decision in hiring Frank Martin. Lots of people view these two things as mutually exclusive, though they're not. That said, what do you think of the revelations from Babb today?