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Na'Ty Rodgers Arrested

Redshirt freshman cited for underaged drinking, disorderly conduct

It had been quite some time since a current South Carolina player found himself in legal trouble, but the clean streak was broken this weekend when redshirt freshman Na'Ty Rodgers was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and consumption of alcohol by a person under the age of 21. The incident occurred at 12:30 AM on Sunday morning, so expect to hear and read the phrase "nothing good happens after midnight" with regularity this week.

For those of you curious as to what qualifies as disorderly conduct, I'll quote our own tryptic67 from his response to Byron Jerideau's 2012 arrest:

You might ask why the disorderly conduct charge? Unfortunately, that charge is so over-used and arbitrarily applied that it can be cited for anything you do or say in the course of an arrest that the arresting officer doesn't like but can't make a resisting arrest charge stick. Question the arrest? Disorderly conduct. Plead your case not to go to jail? Disorderly conduct. Raise your voice, talk back or use a curse word (even as anodyne as "damn" or "hell" or "bullshit")? Disorderly conduct. Bam! Off to jail. Do not pass go.

It's worth noting that Rodgers was allegedly behaving in a "loud and boisterous manner" which you could also say about an excited golden retriever or Santa Claus. But, lest it seem like we're defending Na'ty to an unreasonable degree, we do hope he sows his oats a bit more carefully going forward and that he joins the ranks of those who've enjoyed success despite having an arrest record, including Jerideau, Devonte Holloman, and Bill Gates.

Per university policy, Rodgers is suspended from the team indefinitely. Rodgers, who was heavily recruited out of Maryland, is expected to compete for the starting right guard position vacated by Ronald Patrick.