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Half Cocked Show: South Carolina's SEC opponents through 2025 and Connor Shaw's baby

The Feathered Warrior returns to the Half Cocked podcast to help me break down the week that was in Gamecock athletics.

The Half Cocked podcast is back from the dead and discussing the release of the SEC's non-permanent cross-division opponent rotation, our (apparently) controversial post about Connor Shaw having premarital sex, the athletic department's new promotional video and hashtag, Victor Hampton's enduring unemployment, and your Twitter questions.

The bumper music on this week's episode is "Cattle and the Creeping Things" by The Hold Steady, "Jesus Etc." by Wilco, and "Wheelz of Steel" by Outkast.

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If you'd like to submit a question to the podcast, send a tweet to @HalfCockedShow or an email to halfcockedshow[at]gmail[dot]com or call in to the Cock Box at 312-789-5647.