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The Legend of Stephen Garcia, as told through Reddit AMA questions/comments

NSFW language, obviously.

Kevin C. Cox

Stephen Garcia participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything. In case you're not familiar, it's exactly what it sounds like. Here are some of the questions/comments Redditors provided:

  • Our freshman year me and a bunch of friends had you, pat dimarco and the other backup qb (sorry i forget his name) to a beer olympics in stadium suite apartments. You 3 came and dominated each and every event, with you being by far the MVP.
  • One night my brother helped you over the railing at Pavlovs, you were drunk as dick and were wearing jeans so it was hard for you, again i fucking love you
  • is it true that kegs are not allowed in Olympia and granby because of you?
  • What happened the time you shit yourself in the Olympia pool???
  • I was on a couch making out in Olympia Mills in Columbia with a chick. Please confirm it in fact WAS you who came and high fived me.
  • The night that you official got kicked off of the team I will never forget the night. It was pouring rain and as a freshman I walked to the CVS on Assembly and I saw you putting a fresh case of beer in your scooters not even phased by the rain and long ride home.
  • Stephen ...explain to the folks about your signature beer pong slam dunk...
  • One night I saw you in five points black out drunk yelling who wants to have my baby
  • Is it true that you are a well regarded expert on greek mythology as well as the proper way to age a keg of natty?

And, a few of Garcia's better answers:







Gahbless you, Stephen Garcia.