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The Final Cockdown: #29, Elliott Fry

It's Freisman time, y'all!

Elliott Fry
Sophomore Kicker
6'0", 165 lbs. Wait, 165? Hang on.

Well, okay then.

Frisco, TX

Other offers: His only offer was Louisiana Tech. Instead chose to walk on at South Carolina. Considering his rejection of Louisiana Tech's head coach, I guess you could say he elected to...

(•_•) , ( •_•)>⌐■-■ , (⌐■_■)


College Career:
Fry walked on as a relative unknown, although the whole "Hey a kicker from Texas is walking on at South Carolina" was a weird enough storyline to generate some buzz in the fanbase. He shot up the depth chart (eventually influencing scholly'ed kicker Nick St. Germain to transfer) and won the starting placekicker role. Fry went on to lead the team in scoring and post the fourth-highest season total in South Carolina history. Twice earned weekly all-conference honors and landed on the SEC All-Freshman Team after going 15/18 on FG attempts and 54/55 on extra points. So, that worked out pretty well for everyone. Except Missouri and Florida, I guess.

2014 Outlook:
Positive! With a year of experience and excellence under his belt, here's hoping we won't have to worry about field goal consistency for the next three seasons. Oh, he's also going to win the Heisman. #FREISMAN

His insta handle is Exotic_elliott11 and he's constantly surrounded by women. Extrapolate what you will from both of these tidbits.