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The Case for Jon Hoke as Defensive Coordinator

Football in the South is a Season. We got Winter, Spring, Summer and Football. Although football season is over, we can't stop talking about recruiting and coaching. And right now, there is a rumbling about a potential defensive coach that could be a perfect fit for the Gamecocks.

Does anyone really care to talk about MLB right now? Not really. How about the NBA? Meh. NHL, PGA, Soccer?? Meh, Meh, and bah-bah-boring! But you can talk still talk about football because you got the Super Bowl, recruiting, signing day and oh yeah, the coaching changes going on every where.

One of the um..rumors stories that is out on the world wide web is that Spurrier might be "eyeing" Jon Hoke as a The defensive coordinator. But why on God's Green Nerf would he leave the NFL to come to South Kakalaki? Think about this. He is the defensive backs coach for the craptastic Chicago Bears and the team is firing and hiring coaches.  But leaving the NFL and coming here? Is that a good move? The answer is yes.

Jon Hoke has a proven track record and great winning history with Spurrier. In just a few years together, they really had some great seasons and Spurrier knows this. More importantly, he has the profile. Someone with his experience, skills, background and history is a huge need for the Gamecocks right now. Sure. A lot has changed since their days in Gainesville. People are more obsessed with College football than ever before. And of course, Columbia is nothing like the awesome city of Chicago but it's not Gainseville either where the male population still crop the mullet and sport Jorts like they did 99' when Spurrier was still there.

If Coach Hoke were to come this way, he could build something. He can also have longevity. He is well into his coaching career but part of me thinks that if he stuck it out at the college level, he wouldn't be a defensive backs coach, but a head coach - just like Charlie Strong. AND, both College Football and the NFL are thirsty for defensive minded coaches.

But let's be real. Coach Hoke might be getting offers from Denver where he can work again with Gary Kubiak. Yet, my gut feeling tells me that he has to be interested IF Spurrier talks to him. The opportunities in the NFL seem to be lateral at times but he could come to Columbia and have a solid career here.

As fans, we have to be optimistic about our defense this year. Coach Ward also has a great record as a DC (he really does). So either way. New recruits. Transfers. College Preps and a lot of talent on this defense. This would be a homerun and great news if Hoke were to come aboard. What are your thoughts?