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SEC Power Poll Week 10

#SECBasketballFever continues with the Gamecocks falling fast.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

This is a summary of how other teams are having better seasons than South Carolina, so forgive me for breezing through it without celebrating the success of others.  This was a lot more fun back when we were winning and other teams could also be winning without beating us.  So it goes.

1. Kentucky - Moving on.

2. LSU - This team has come a long way in the last few months.  Still not sure how they're doing this with only a six-man rotation, but when those six players are really good, I guess it works.

3. Georgia - Remember when people wanted to fire Mark Fox?

4. Arkansas - A nice win over Tennessee pulls the Hogs into the three-way tie for second in the SEC.

5. Florida - Florida's probably not going to the NCAA Tournament because of too many close losses, but you still don't want to see these guys coming into the gym.  Ask Alabama.

6. Mississippi - Like so many other SEC teams, one win away from perhaps separating themselves from the pack.

7. Alabama - Close losses to Florida and South Carolina may haunt the Tide.

8. Texas A&M - Running up a nice record, but we'll learn a lot more about these guys now that the schedule picks up considerably in the next few weeks.

9. Tennessee - Somehow the Volunteers are putting together a strong SEC season, and I have no idea how.

10. South Carolina - The best 1-6 team in the SEC.

11. Vanderbilt - Still better than teams above it in the standings, though it'd sure be nice for them to show it on the floor more often.

12. Auburn - The improvement in the SEC can be seen in Auburn - even one of the weakest teams in the conference is going to give you a game, especially on it's home floor.

13. Missouri - Threatening at times in Columbia, but not going to win a lot of games.

14. Mississippi State - I am truly floored these guys are ahead of Vanderbilt and South Carolina in the standings.