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South Carolina Gamecocks Football - The Feed Pail: October 27, 2015

Miami or South Carolina, which one is the better job?

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Chat Place: The line and a prediction for this weekend's matchup with Texas A&M. The Aggies are getting 16 points and even that doesn't seem like enough for an offense like that playing at home against a defense like South Carolina's. However, there could be hope for this to not be completely embarrassing. The score of USC vs. Vanderbilt shouldn't have been that close if the Gamecocks could just convert in the redzone. If they can do that and take advantage of Texas A&M's turnover-prone quarterbacks (a total of 8 interceptions between Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray) then they might be able to keep this game close. Those are two pretty big if's though.

Gamecock Cereal: Here are some midseason awards, although they are a little unorthodox, they are quite accurate. Plus, another Back to the Future reference; as if there haven't been enough already.

The Big Spur: Which job is better, the recently vacated Miami position or South Carolina? If you ask me I would have to say South Carolina. Now I know that I will seem kind of like a homer (okay very) but many in the industry agree. While Miami does have the better recruiting situation and history, don't downplay what the Gamecocks have going for them. South Carolina has much better facilities, play in a better conference while still being in the weaker East division of the SEC, and can pay a lot more, like $2 million more. Also, Miami's fanbase pales in comparison with South Carolina's. Have you seen a Hurricane home game recently? Not many people in the stands. Meanwhile, Williams Brice Stadium is still being packed even though the team is having one of it's worst seasons in recent memory. Add in the fact that the expectations for the HBC are a lot more manageable then that of Miami's and the decision for a head coach seems pretty simple.