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GABA Q&A: Where were you when the Gamecocks repeated as national champions?

Welcome to GABA Q&A, the feature that asks us to share our experiences as Gamecock fans. We'll give our answers, and we encourage all commenters to share theirs in the comment section. The question won't focus so much on the state of athletics or analysis, but instead allow us to reminisce and tell personal stories about the highs and lows of our fandom.

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We began college baseball season by talking about where we were when the Gamecocks won their 2010 CWS title. This week the college baseball season officially came to an end with Virginia's victory in CWS finals. Vanderbilt fell short of winning their second consecutive title, so let's wrap things up with this: Where were you and how did you celebrate when the Gamecocks repeated as champions?


The bar where I'd watched the 2010 finale was closed for renovations or I'd have been right back there. Instead, my then-girlfriend and I met friends in a relatively in an uninteresting bar in Mt. Pleasant and watched the night's events unfold. My fondest memory of the evening, outside of the obvious, was my buddy jumping up and down to celebrate the win, jumping a bit higher each time until finally he smashed his head on a circular Guinness sign that was just above where he stood. I still have this on video.


I was in a hotel room in Charleston watching with my family. My dad, brother and I kept yelling each time something went our way and got louder as it got more and more obvious that we were going to repeat. Mom, who is probably the biggest USC fan of us all, kept telling us to hush. But when that final out was made, it was quite obvious who the happiest person in the room was. It was my mother. I remember exchanging multiple high fives with my brother and dad and hugging my mom.


I was in my apartment in Columbia watching with my roommate who I think was mainly watching the game because I was. As the game went on though, I could tell she was getting more into it. By the time we realized the Gamecocks actually might pull off the win, we were both yelling at the TV and trying not to get ahead of ourselves with celebrating in case things went horribly wrong. Once the Gamecocks actually won, I remember a lot of clapping and happy yelling (and crying on my end) and immediately making plans to go to the parade.


I really wish I had a more interesting answer, but, I was sitting on my couch wearing a shirt that adhered to my aforementioned weird rule about wearing shirts on Gameday. This was between my first and second year of Graduate School, and I was a newly-married DC3, so this was a very low-key event for me. However, the performance that night, and in Omaha that year, was such an impressive spectacle.


Unlike the summer of 2010, when I moved back home with my parents following my freshman year, I was in Columbia for the summer of 2011. I watched the CWS in several different places, but for the game where we actually won the national title I was at the Colonial Life Arena with a few friends my age and a couple of families that we were friends with. After the stress of the night before, this game felt almost relaxing in comparison, but I was still ridiculously excited at the end of it. We screamed and jumped around and hugged and some tears were shed. When the team had their parade a couple of days later I took 2 hours off in the middle of my shift at Little Caesars because I "had to be there to take pictures for my internship." That was mostly true, but taking pictures was more important to me than to my internship director.