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SEC Power Poll Week 8: Gamecocks ride Bentley to Victory.

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NCAA Football: Massachusetts at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama Crimson Tide - Undoubtedly the best team in the SEC for the eleventeenth consecutive year, except for all of those other years. The only thing missing from this team is a meaningless loss to a conference opponent with no chance of messing up ‘Bama’s title hopes. Uncle Verne approves.
  2. Texas A&M Aggies - Despite being the unsuspecting victim of Nick Saban’s army of darkness last week, the Aggies are still a doggone good team. I mean it. Good dog.
  3. Auburn Tigers - Rushing for a league-record 543 yards against a defensive front like Arkansas is normally no laughing matter, but, when you do it while only completing SEVEN passes and you do it with FIVE different running backs (all of whom had a rush for over 27 yards) and a backup QB, you reserve the right to have a little fun.
  4. LSU Tigers - Ed Orgeron continues to impress as the interim head coach that will inexplicably not get the full-time job next season. Leonard Fournette had a statement game that included 284 on 16 carries, 3 touchdowns, and a FATALITY.
  5. Tennessee Volunteers - Coming off of two straight losses and a bye week. The Team-Formerly-Known-As-Zombie-Vols look to shed their recent string of bad luck by playing a night game on Halloween weekend in Columbia, SC. This game is either going to be highly entertaining, or worse than Sharknado! 3.
  6. Ole Miss Rebels - The best 3-4 team in the country might’ve been buried by the Bayou Bengals, but they’re still a decent team with enough firepower to scare 7 wins, but don’t count on it considering the two marquee games remaining on their schedule are Auburn (this week) and A&M (week 11). How in the world would you have guessed that this year’s Egg Bowl outcome might determine Ole Miss’ bowl-eligibility?
  7. Florida Gators - Florida remains an enigma. Standing at 5-1 with a realistic shot at being 8-1 by the time they play the game they chickened out of postponed with LSU. Enjoy your 8-3 season, Gators.
  8. Arkansas Razorbacks - Adam McFain kicked a 54-yard field goal. So there’s that.
  9. Georgia Bulldogs - Inactivity, it would seem, is the best thing for Georgia’s power ranking.
  10. Kentucky Wildcats - Somehow, Kentucky’s 4-3, in 2nd place in the SEC East, and cruising. No way Mark Stoops can screw this up, right? If you’re interested in finding out and you have $13 in your pocket, you can watch them play Mizzou this weekend.
  11. Mississippi State Bulldogs - Despite losing in nearly every statistical category, the Bulldogs had victory sewn up before a 51-yard walk-off field goal from Austin MacGinnis. Things don’t look up from here either, because y’all still have to play tAMu, Bama, Woo Pig, and the SWAGBUS.
  12. Vanderbilt Commodores - A convincing win over an FCS program has to count for something this year. Unfortunately, Vandy might be done winning football games this year.
  13. South Carolina Gamecocks - South Carolina started Jake Bentley, scored 38 points, and racked up 395 yards of offense in a convincing win against the UMass Minutemen. That’s all, folks, move along, nothing to see.
  14. Missouri Tigers - [pictured.]