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Perry Orth’s run as a Gamecock quarterback comes to an end

The former walk-on feel good story might have seen his last on-field action with Gamecocks.

Clemson v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Will Muschamp is ready to move his Gamecock football program forward without Perry Orth in the picture. Sure, he’ll probably ride out the rest of the season with the team, but barring any injury to freshman quarterbacks Jake Bentley and Brandon McIlwain, we’ve seen the last of Perry Orth’s action as a quarterback, Muschamp announced Sunday night.

By now, we all know the senior’s transcendent story from Publix employee to starting SEC QB last year, but we might not remember it in the best light. Orth took over during some of the darkest times in recent Gamecock football history.

He was part of a team whose inability to get results drove away it’s hall of fame head coach and led the efforts in a loss to an FCS opponent en route to one of the more disappointing seasons South Carolina endured this century. All in all, he’ll finish his starting career with a 2-9 record. So, you may be asking, why waste your breath any more?

Sure, it’s more of a blessing than disappointment that we can finally move on to bigger and brighter times with the emergence of Bentley and support from McIlwain, but we can’t throw Orth to the curb before we recognize his services and appreciate his journey.

Thrown into the opportunity of a lifetime, the Perry Orth Era could’ve gone a lot worse. The undersized and less athletic Orth stood tall in the face of SEC defensemen. He attacked every opportunity with an undying optimism and didn’t make excuses when faced with adversity.

When it’s all said and done, we’re not going to remember Perry Orth the winner, and we’re not going to look back on his days as the starter with much positivity. But, we should appreciate his dedication to this program and the way he went about every task handed to him in life with such a fearless passion leading the Gamecocks through some their most adverse times.