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Final Thoughts - South Carolina Gamecocks vs. UMass Minutemen

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Every week here at GABA we take another look at the last game and offer up unique opinions, rants and other musings. Why rehash the UMass victory? For nothing else we can all agree or disagree on why this game was down to the wire all the while offering some reading enjoyment to our rivals. Let’s walk through this.

Surprised or not really surprised

This game came down to the final minutes against UMass whose quarterback, Andrew Ford, is a redshirt sophomore that just transferred from Lachwanna Community College and just took over as the starter. UMass. Lachwanna Community College. Redshirt sophomore. Again, UMass.

Return of the double whammy defense

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long ago, we could really score and get a nice comfy lead and lose the game in the finals minutes. Seriously. UMass and their Luchwanna transfer QB made the same passing play over and over and over and over again AND we couldn’t stop them. Not on 3rd or even 4th downs.

What’s in a name?

If you were going to have kids and raise them up in football, you should pick a name like Jake. It’s a quarterback name. Just my two cents.

Jake Bentley

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

That touchdown to Brian Edwards proved that he is the real deal Holyfield. Yes, he is good. Yes, he will get better. Yes, he will get tested this Saturday against a very tough Tennessee Volunteers. Having said all that, the best QB play this entire season is when he kept the drive alive in the 4th using his legs and called for some blocking help, which is something a smart QB does.


When Brandon McIlwain came in the game, the opposing defense knew exactly what to do. Stack the box. And, guess what. It worked. I’d like to see us try to fool the defense next time and have BMAC throw for a first down.


Funny thing is. They actually blocked well in passing situations. However, the running game was a different story. Hopefully Donell Stanley is back and ready to go!

David Williams

Looked like a running back that had offers from every major SEC school and ran like an SEC running back that had offers from every major school in the SEC.

Rico Dowdle

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Folks. We got lucky with Rico Dowdle. He is busting through defenders and getting an extra yard or two when he should have been dropped for a loss. He has great speed, and vision too. When the O-line isn’t given much running room, he finds a way.

Chris Lammons

Is it pronounced Lah-Monz, or Lemons, or La-Mans? Well, Chris Lammons is going to play in the NFL but if he has another busted coverage like that against UT, he will be go undrafted.

First Half and Second Half

Great first half followed up with a somewhat predictable second half. Every time we ran it up the gut. Guess what? Coach Whipple from UMass knew it too. So did the students in the student section. The fans way up high and even that dude selling hotdogs knew it too.

Perry Orth

Senior. A class act.


Not a class act. The Volunteers are a dirty team. There I said it. It’s true. They are a dirty team. The cheap hit on Pharoh Cooper says it all and so does this video....