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Some staff changes at Garnet and Black Attack

Don't worry - not a whole lot is changing.

David Ramos/Getty Images

It's been a fun past few months at Garnet and Black Attack. We're actually mentioning the words "NCAA Tournament" and "South Carolina Gamecocks men's basketball" in the same sentence and not in the context of them not having made it since 2004; baseball is off to a good start; and women's basketball is headed to another #1 seed. Oh, and the football team hired a coach, who did pretty good on the recruiting trail despite only being here for just over two months.

With that said, we've got a few changes to our staff to make you aware of. First things first. Kaci, our wonderful site manager for the past nine months, has decided to step down at this time. But don't worry! She'll still be with GABA, primarily tag-teaming up with Katie on our (top-notch) baseball coverage during the spring, contributing to our football coverage this fall (which will hopefully include things like this again), and helping with other projects during the year. With Kaci stepping down from managerial duties, I'll be sliding over to the captain's chair, and joining me as co-manager is Sam McDowell (AKA smcdowell12). You guys already know Sam from his "From the Student Section" and "What We Learned" pieces - along with his consistent contributions over the past year and as his tenure as co-host of The GABACast, which will continue, by the way! - so it should be a seamless transition. Time will tell whether this is a good or bad decision We're confident that he'll do a great job.

You may have also seen a new byline here on the site. David Salley (dsalley) just joined the team and will be primarily helping with hoops and football analysis and opinion. David's from Charleston, SC, and is the editor of the student newspaper at Harding University in Arkansas. He describes himself as "the only South Carolina fan in the state of Arkansas", which, well, we have no way of disputing, so we'll take his word for it.

So there you go. It's amazing to look back and see that a blog that was started in July 2006 and ran independently before moving to SBNation in August 2007 is still running strong after nearly a decade. We hope we haven't made too much of a mess of the place, but it's been a lot of fun, and Sam, the team and I will work to make sure the next decade is just as good, if not better. (When it comes to the site, that is. On the football field? Well...I wish we had that ability.)

Thanks, guys. Tweet us at @GABAttack or hit us up on Facebook if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.