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Alshon Jeffery sings "Take Me Out To the Ball Game" at the Cubs game and it went the way you'd expect

A for effort?


Alshon Jeffery will be remembered as a part of the South Carolina Gamecocks' golden age. Though his best season was in 2010 (when he registered over 1,500 yards receiving and nine touchdowns), he was a key part of the team's first of three straight 11-2 seasons in 2011.

Jeffery's now entering his fourth season as a part of the Chicago Bears, and today, he had a chance to stop by Wrigley Field as the Cubs took on the Phillies. He threw out the game's ceremonial first pitch and, during the 7th inning stretch, led the fans in the traditional singing of "Take Me Out To the Ballgame". Well, we aren't paid to be music critics at GABA, but...well, at least he got all the words right. And at least he did a lot better than this guy - and showed up on time.

Or this guy.

The Cubs did end up winning the game, 4-1, to move to 1-0 when Alshon sings "Take Me Out To the Ballgame". Take that stat for what it's worth.

By the way, we still love you, Alshon.