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The Feed Pail - South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Will Muschamp hosting several recruits this weekend, an update on JaMarcus King, breaking down SEC coaches Twitter accounts

The Feed Pail is outchea discussing the Twitter feeds of SEC head coaches...

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

247Sports: The Big Spur has an update on JaMarcus King and how much the coaching staff laments the SEC's decision to block the transfer of JC Jackson. Apparently the coaching staff thought that tandem could be the opening day starters at cornerback. The word is that JaMarcus is everything he was hyped up to be, but it is disappointing that the SEC blocked the transfer of Mr. Jackson. Also, the South Carolina Gamecocks have a brand-spanking new indoor football practice facility and some recruits from south Florida really enjoyed Will Muschamp's camp Thursday.

ESPN: When are we going to stop beating this dead horse? Every day it's the same thing, just worded a bit differently. Muschamp's offense struggled at Florida, he knows that it's the key to his success here as our defense will likely be very good, if not great, sooner rather than later. Look, as long as we aren't on the bad end of plays like this that would be a good start.

SECCountry: SECCountry is out here breaking down SEC coaches' Twitter accounts...and it's well documented that Muschamp has had trouble with things like hashtags before #numbersign. Highly regarded recruit, MJ Webb, will be visiting South Carolina this weekend and not Auburn this weekend. It appears that his interest in South Carolina has grown exponentially since Muschamp arrived here. Lastly, some of our football players participated in a photoshoot on top of Williams-Brice yesterday. I hope they don't have a fear of heights.