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The GABA Cast. Episode 38: Florida Retrospective with Rixon Lane!

It's podcast time!

The whole crew is back this week as our offseason retrospective continues. This week we reminisce about the time the South Carolina Gamecocks clinched the SEC East with a win over the Florida Gators, and to help us recount tales of this and other Florida memories, we were fortunate enough to have Rixon Lane join us on the show. We go way off topic, DC3 experiences horrible hotel parking lot wifi, and Rhonda gets called to the Big Lots halfway through the show, but we power on and have a good time doing it.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Is Rhonda a double-agent?
  • What do football and old Mexican food have in common?
  • Why you should never bet against a woman with a dip can in her pocket.

As always, you can click here to find us on iTunes, click here to go straight to the episode page on BlogTalk Radio, or click the player below and listen right here on the page:

Hope y'all enjoy!

*Also, click here to find your way to the Spartanburg Sports Radio page where you can listen to Rixon and D.J. Moore’s show 7-9 am during the week.