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The Feed Pail: September 28, 2016

The eyes of Texas are upon you ...

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Good Bull Hunting: Texas A&M Football Week 4 Press Conference Recap and First Glance: Texas A&M at South Carolina (from Monday).

College Football Preview: Texas A&M vs. South Carolina Game Preview & Fearless Prediction. The Ags will double the fearless prediction.

The Big Spur: Ricccccoooooooo DowwwwwwdddddleMarcus Lattimore speaks on new No. 21.

GamecocksOnline: Champ's Tuesday presser in all its glory. Plus - Collegiate Baseball Ranks Gamecock Recruiting Class No. 22 In The Nation. Frankly, I was hoping for better than # 22 - most of our rivals are far ahead.

SEC Country: 5 key things for South Carolina: Get the ball to playmakers on the edge. Easier said than done.

Gamecock Central: What is A&M saying about the Gamecocks? Plus - if you can't sit still for the whole video, or GO's narrative format  - Recap: Notes from Muschamp's presser.

Willie T. Smith III: Muschamp looking at everything with Texas A&M coming to town.

Charlotte Observer: South Carolina, coach Muschamp struggling to find offense.

Spurs & Feathers: Gamecocks promoting cancer research at football game.