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OUR DIGITAL SEASON: Week 5 - Texas A&M vs South Carolina

Let's take on the digi-Aggies!

Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

Hey guys, so I need to apologize, but I did not have time this week to do a full simulation. So there won't be a write-up or summary. But I will provide you with a stat chart of total yards and players of the game for each team from the quick sim that I did do.

It wasn't pretty. Not one bit.

You'll notice that the Aggies pretty much went up and down the field on the Gamecocks. The defense gave up points early on short fields because of Gamecock turnovers. By the second half it was 28-3, and the digi-Gamecocks didn't come out with much digi-emotion in the second half. It was eerily similar to the game in 2014...let's hope the game Saturday goes better than this.

Final Score: 52-17, Texas A&M

***You'll notice that digi-McIlwain was Offensive Player of the Game despite throwing three picks...this is because no one else on the offense did anything.

Texas A&M Stat USC
553 Total Yards 294
400 Pass Yards 191
113 Rush Yards 103
0 Turnovers 4
8/11 3DC 3/13
Trevor Knight: 31-52, 400 yards, 4 TDs OPOTG Brandon McIlwain: 14/26, 191 yards, 1 TD, 3 INTs
Myles Garrett: 8 tackles, 3.5 sacks DPOTG Bryson Allen-Williams: 15 (!!!) tackles, 2 sacks