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The GABA Cast, Episode 59.

Your one-stop shop for all things Gamecock sports!

This is fine.

This week,

the four-legged base of Gamecock sports opinions (that only happens to have three legs) goes all the way to bring you the best of bowl season, basketball, and at least one more athletic endeavor.

whoop de doo, I composed a symphony when I was eight.


This week, we dive into Carolina's almost-but-not-really comeback in the Birmingham Bowl, speculate about who is going to be selected to fill the vacant OL coaching position, ruminate on playcalling versus playmakers, make the case for Pitt in the CFB Playoffs, discuss the merits of actually playing well during [basketball] conference play, argue about nothing in particular, and basically do what we normally do (which includes Rhonda loving on a former baseball player that shares a name with one of the best hosts of this show).

We hope you enjoy the show, and we wish you a Happy New Year! Seriously, 2017 is going to be fine.

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