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The GABACast. Episode 93: BEAT VANDY.

Never ice kickers. Also, never wear orange. Also, Baylor lost again.

South Carolina v Tennessee
Find you someone that looks at you the way Will Muschamp looks at Mon Denson.
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Listen. We survived bye-week.

We had some technical issues. Our audio sounds like shit through a tin horn. Deal with it. We soldiered through. So should you. Eat this Spam wrapped in printer paper. It's healthy. Trust us.

In this week's episode, we highlight our winners and losers from week 8, including Penn State's dominating performance against a secretly stinky Michigan, and Jimbo Fisher's unsuccessful attempt to challenge the karma gods against Louisville. In the end, we arrive at a consensus: Orange stinks. Every shade of orange stinks. Looking ahead, we preview a match-up against a Vanderbilt team that we cannot fully comprehend. They've lost to bad teams, beaten bad teams, beaten good teams, and lost big to good teams, but one thing that's certain is they're still Vanderbilt. We hand out our keys to the game, and provide our crystal ball predictions.

We hope you enjoy this week's episode. As always, you can click here to find us on iTunes (where you should rate and review!), or you can just mash the ol’ play button below.